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We started our company
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In a bustling metropolis in India, our journey unfolded against the backdrop of Byron’s remarkable breakthrough. Witnessing the repercussions of an anti-mould chemical causing discomfort to thousands who purchased new leather sofas, we recognized the potential for positive change. Inspired by Byron’s innovative leather treatment, we set out to create our own solution tailored for the Indian market.

The aromatic challenge presented itself in the form of smelly socks in the local football community. Drawing inspiration from Byron’s ingenious approach, we pondered whether the same treatment that thwarted fungus could combat the bacteria responsible for unpleasant sweat odors. Experimenting with the formula on one sock while leaving the other untreated, our ‘eureka’ moment arrived post-game – the treated sock remained refreshingly odor-free.

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We started our company
with just

Fuelled by this discovery, we embraced the spirit of innovation and brought a modified version of the technology to India. Our adaptation, now known as Frrressh, has become a household name, offering a safe and effective solution to combat odors in the diverse and vibrant tapestry of Indian lifestyles. From athletic wear to traditional garments, Frrressh has become a symbol of freshness, weaving its way into the fabric of everyday life.

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Founder Frrressh

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CEO Frrressh


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